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Role:Project Lead, Creative Direction, Wires, Design, Frontend Development
Of Interest:Coding the interactions & animations



Keypr made products such as keyless entry panels, guest apps, and guest management systems for the hospitality industry. We helped them elevate their brand with a new company website.

Keypr has since been acquired by Intelity 🎉, so this site now redirects to Intelity’s site 😢



There were 3 main user types for this site.

Hotel owners were older, less tech-friendly, and had the final word. Operations teams needed to see capabilities and results. IT teams needed to see the technical details and integrations.


... Journey

We put together a high-level user journey to understand the users’ needs and emotions throughout the process.

The initial user is most often in operations, who needs to modernize hotel processes. They loop in other team members after an initial vetting.


Creative Direction

We looked at the emotions users face when planning a large update to their business and created a style that would ease negative emotions and reinforce positive emotions. That style, mixed with the existing brand identity, became the creative direction for the site.



One of the big KPI’s was increased lead generation.

We included easy ways to contact Keypr in the header and at the end of each page, with a simplified form to increase conversions.


... IA

Different user types were interested in different pages on the site, so we tailored the content to match.

For common pages, we made sure all users got what they needed. For example, we kept the product details light and digestible for non-technical users while providing paths to additional information for IT and Operations.



This wasn’t a very challenging project, but it’s still up there on my list of favorites because I did the front-end development. I really liked that, since I was able to implement my vision of responsive behavior, page transitions, micro-interactions, and so on. Seeing my vision come to life as I worked was really rewarding.



  • Cameron SageyProject Lead, Creative Direction, Wires, Design, Frontend Development
  • Mark YoussefSoftware Development

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